Our Story

Our expertise is geared to serving those
operating around the world, helping navigate the murky waters of international tax.

Our team was born in the world of the Big 4
accounting firms, and now provide the same level of expertise and customer service with the pricing of a small firm

Value Proposition

We bring the best of both attorney and CPA worlds together to provide you ultimate service at value prices. We are a dually licensed law and accounting firm that specializes in the world of international tax. The ability to bring both the CPA and attorney hats under one roof allows us to cut costs and provide you savings on your international tax accounting, advisory, and legal services that a traditional CPA firm would have to outsource to an law practice and pay a premium for, or vice-versa.

Brining both advisory hats under one roof allows us to see the full scope of tax compliance and planning picture and provide you certain protections that a sole CPA firm or law firm cannot. We’ve also set up our process to be as streamlined as possible. There is no need to visit an office as we operate fully online—all that is required is an initial consultation with our team to discuss your needs. Once you are ready to move forward, you sign an engagement letter and provide us your relevant documents through a secure online portal. After that, all you have to do is wait until we finish our end of the bargain.

The Team

Alton Moore, ESQ., CPA


Raphaela Marques Brasil

Corporate & Tax Paralegal

Jessica Bohorquez

Corporate & Tax Paralegal

Who We Serve

We serve a wide variety of businesses and individuals, whether based in the US or not, who need help understanding and navigating international tax issues. Generally, our client base consists of the following—

  • Small and middle market companies with international operations in the manufacturing, tech and real estate industries.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • Americans and foreigners living and/or employed Over Seas.
  • Those moving in or out of America.
  • Investors with offshore and onshore portfolio holdings.
  • Those who failed to properly disclose onshore and overseas incomes and assets.

We’ve seen and currently serve clients from all over the world. If you have international operations, investments, assets, are employed or are working overseas, or are looking to move in or out of the United States, we have the
expertise to serve you.

We work with our clients to understand their goals and help them put their best foot forward.

We bring you a partner in understanding the complex international tax world and take away the worry that would otherwise come with trying to navigate its complexities yourself.

How we work

Our primary goal is to serve you to the best of our ability. Really, our value proposition is to bring the expertise of a Big 4 accounting firm with the feel, customer service and personal attention that you would otherwise get from a small firm.

We have a standing policy of openness, transparency, and responsiveness. At times, it feels like you’re not sure how, what or why your tax advisor is doing what they are doing. We believe that it is our job to keep you as informed on any action taken on your behalf as if you were part of our team. Most advisors will avoid providing you this insight to their practice so you feel like you are absolutely dependent on your advisor to keep you compliant. Well, that is not our goal. Not only do we want to serve you to the best of our ability, we also want to help you understand your tax situation and reporting requirements upon you and how to best approach them.

The world of accounting is best seen as a partnership between you and us as your advisor. You hold the most knowledge about your financial and tax situation. We are best able to serve you when you can provide sound input on your overall situation. Without this, big issues can be missed, and can lead us to miss the opportunity to provide you tax savings and cutting costs from our own services.

If you ever have questions, concerns, complaints or just want to talk to a team member, contact us day or night and we will respond no matter what within 24 hours.

The Benefit of Working with a Dually Certified Attorney-CPA Firm

There are myriad options available when it comes to selecting the professionals you will utilize in your business and personal life, but the two most common are likely a CPA and an attorney.

Dually licensed Attorney-CPAs offer a far more advanced and superior option than an expert in just a single field.

The skill sets required for both of these specialists are unique; the attorney must be able to devise creative and persuasive solutions within the constraints of the law, whereas the CPA must be painstakingly organized with a meticulous attention to detail to avoid costly financial errors.

Although both professions require a different sort of mindset to achieve success in their respective fields, the qualities that make up a good attorney and a good CPA are remarkably complementary. For this reason, a dually licensed Attorney-CPA can be an exceptionally powerful asset.

Additionally, the conversations and information you share with our team are protected underneath the
attorney client privilege and cannot be revealed subject to very limited exceptions. This gives our clients
the most ability to disclose all of the information related to their operations without concern of being
compromised for anything they disclose to their normal CPAs.