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At Evolution Tax and Legal, our business and tax lawyers specialize in helping individuals and businesses alike plan to reduce or eliminate U.S. tax bills, comply with IRS tax filing requirements, and avoid tax audits and penalties.

No individual or business is too small or big to benefit from tax planning, whether it be for you or your employee’s retirement, lowering income tax due, and/or planning for the next generation by lowering estate tax.

Our Tax Planning Services

Choice of Entity and Formation

Whether you operate solely in the US or internationally, the first consideration to operating and running a business is your choice of entity. While many overlook this, the entity you choose can have a major impact on all types of taxes, including income taxes, payroll taxes, state taxes, and even estate taxes when the business passes on to the next generation. Each type of entity (C corporation, S Corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship) has its own advantages and disadvantages. We take into account your current situation and future plans to help recommend, properly form and implement the entity that best fits your needs.

Accounting for Tax Reform

A constant item that taxpayers need to account for is change. That’s right, the tax code changes on an annual basis. Our international business and tax lawyers here stay up to date on the new tax law passed to provide you cutting edge solutions to new challenges and issues coming with ever-changing tax law. We help our clients plan for the future by recommending structural and operating changes to account for and mitigate new and increased potential taxes.

Operation and Structure Analysis, Recommendation and Implementation

In addition to aiding you with the initial selection of entity you operate through, our team of international business and tax lawyers can work with you to plan for the future. This is done as a function of modeling your current and future projected situations in order to best implement a plan to mitigate taxes you may be exposed to. Once a plan is formulated, a skilled international tax lawyer at Evolution Tax and Legal will help you implement the strategies discussed.

Retirement Planning

One of the most basic forms of tax planning comes from the use of tax qualifying retirement plans. It’s a great way to defer and mitigate taxes by putting pre-tax dollars into an investment account for yourself and your employees while increasing your overall level of compensation. Our team of international business and tax layers are experts on the myriad of tax qualifying retirement plans and can help you make the right selection for your situation.

Capital Gain Deferral and Mitigation

A question our team of international business and tax lawyers commonly see is how an individual or business can defer or mitigate taxes on the sale of an asset and/or a business. Without proper planning, an individual or business can face high amounts of tax on capital gains that could otherwise be avoided. Our team of international business and tax lawyers help lower capital gain taxes through one or more of the following situations—

  1. Sale of a Business
  2. Sale of Real Estate
  3. Sale of Personal Property
  4. Sale and Licensure of Intellectual Property
  5. Sale of Highly Appreciated Stock

Planning for Ties in Foreign Countries

The world of international business and tax law is terribly complex. Most often, we are assisting our clients get out of bad situations whereby they facing unnecessary taxes from a US and foreign perspective that can be fixed with some simple planning and structural implementation. Unfortunately, most US domestic business and tax lawyers, as well as CPAs, have no experience in international tax but decide to still take on the work and leave their clients in terrible situations, potentially exposed to huge civil and even criminal penalties.

The ‘bread and butter’ service our team of international business and tax lawyers is understanding the complexity of living, operating and owning assets between the US and foreign countries. We aid out clients on a daily basis by lowering the incidence of double taxation between the US and foreign countries, taking advantage of tax treaties, and implementing structural and operational changes to lower their taxes from a US and foreign tax perspective.

Estate Tax and Succession Planning

Everyone has an estate that will be passed on to their children and other family members. If you don’t properly plan for the passage of your estate, you can leave your heirs with a large mess trying to deal with probate and even potentially being stuck with paying estate taxes all on your behalf. Estate planning is already complex, and becomes even harder to account for when you have a business or assets that are located in the US and abroad.

Our team of international business and tax lawyers can help with just that. Our team is well versed in understanding what it takes to help avoid or mitigate the impact of the US estate tax, and help implement a plan that will make for a smooth transition when the time comes for your estate to pass onto your heirs.

I’ve been going to Alton Moore Esq./CPA at Evolution Tax & Legal for my taxes for a couple years now and as a small business owner, I would highly recommend him. He and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and the best tax specialists in California. I cannot thank him enough for all his help and tax expertise

Christopher Nichols

Alton and his team at Evolution Tax and Legal are the best! They make it so easy to upload all the forms and it's hands off until it's ready to be reviewed. Alton is so friendly and easy to work with, truly the best tax attorney in southern California! 

Lauren Nichols

Top Notch service. Alton has done multiple things for me from yearly taxes, living trust, and financial planning. He is quick to respond with emails, making time for phone calls and meetings. He also has many resources and references to recommend and will make time to chat with others that may be involved with my financial plans. I highly recommend his service and the team he has built over the past 5yrs.

Monica Lodwig

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