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How To Revoke a Will

What Does It Mean To Revoke a Will? Revoking a will means to cancel the document. If a will is properly revoked, it will be as if the will never

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What Is an Executor of an Estate?

What Does an Executor Do? The responsibilities of an Executor can vary by state and by the particular estate at issue, but some common tasks include: Communication with the court

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How Are Special Needs Trusts Taxed?

First-Party and Third-Party Trusts When speaking of special needs trusts (SNT), there are basically two types: A “self-settled” or “first-party” trust; and A “third-party” or “third-party supplemental needs” trust. A

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Grounds for Contesting a Will

What Is Contesting a Will? The process of disputing the validity of someone’s last will and testament after the testator (the creator of the will) has died is the definition

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How Does a Trust End?

What Is a Trust? A trust is an arrangement for your property consisting of an original owner (also known as a grantor, trustor, or settlor) of a property (i.e. bank

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What Is a Probate Lawyer?

What Does a Probate Attorney Do? Probate attorneys can take on the role of administrators, representatives, or executors of estates and if an executor of a will is already appointed,

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