Individual Tax PlanningWe specialize in helping individuals reduce or eliminate their tax bills, comply with tax filing requirements, and avoid penalties or audits.LEARN MOREInternational Business Tax PlanningOperating across U.S. and foreign borders? Take the stress out of filing your taxes with our dually certified CPAs and attorneys.”LEARN MOREBusiness Entity Formation The first decision to make when starting a business is the type of entity your company will be structured as. This decision comes with legal & financial implications. Our team is here to help you through the entity formation processLEARN MOREEstate Planning Planning for your family’s future is complicated. We’ll create an estate plan to best fit you and your goals.
Trust Formation Creating a living trust will help protect your assets and provide for your family in the event of your passing. LEARN MORECapital Gain Deferral and Mitigation Whether you’re in the U.S. or abroad, take advantage of our expertise in capital gain deferral and mitigation strategies

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Founded on a unique fusion of expertise, our law firm stands at the intersection of finance and law, embodied by our founder’s dual certification as a Tax Attorney and CPA. This distinctive blend of credentials underpins our specialized practice, encompassing Domestic and International Tax Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning

Our firm navigates the complex intricacies of tax law with a deep understanding of its implications on the individual, corporate, and international level. The dual lens of attorney and accountant empowers us to offer comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate legal compliance with financial efficiency. In the realm of Business Law, this expertise allows us to advise on structuring, transactions, and regulatory adherence with a strategic approach that optimizes tax implications and financial outcomes. And in estate planning, we ensure personal and familial legacies are secured with strategies that reflect both legal foresight and financial acumen. 

This holistic approach guarantees our clients receive nuanced advice that reflects the multifaceted nature of modern financial and legal challenges. 

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Our Customer and Transparent Service Policy:
While we are working on your case, we are open for any and all questions you have.
We are here to guide you through the murky world of taxes and be transparent with our process as possible.
We strive to provide great customer service and building working, lasting relationships with our clients. Shoot us any questions, comments or concerns and we will be “Johnny on the spot” with our follow up.

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I’ve been going to Alton Moore Esq./CPA at Evolution Tax & Legal for my taxes for a couple years now and as a small business owner, I would highly recommend him. He and his team are knowledgeable, professional, and the best tax specialists in California. I cannot thank him enough for all his help and tax expertise

Christopher Nichols

Alton and his team at Evolution Tax and Legal are the best! They make it so easy to upload all the forms and it's hands off until it's ready to be reviewed. Alton is so friendly and easy to work with, truly the best tax attorney in southern California! 

Lauren Nichols

Top Notch service. Alton has done multiple things for me from yearly taxes, living trust, and financial planning. He is quick to respond with emails, making time for phone calls and meetings. He also has many resources and references to recommend and will make time to chat with others that may be involved with my financial plans. I highly recommend his service and the team he has built over the past 5yrs.

Monica Lodwig

I just want to thank Evolution for their great, professional, and courteous service with in-depth knowledge. They did a phenomenal job with my taxes!"

Ronald Smith

Reviews & testimonials

Reviews & testimonials

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